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An Introduction to the Chinese Top Brand of Lead-Acid Battery Restoration—Ze Yuan

     As a key enterprise of environmental protection hi-tech enjoying intensive support from Ministry of Science and Technology, Is a provincial high-tech enterprise,Jiangsu Province, and Suzhou City, the company is specializing in the restoration and recycling of lead-acid batteries since the year of 2006. The company has established “Eletrochemical Power Source Applications Research&Development Center” and “Lead-Acid Batteries Test Center”, with staff members totaling over 50 nowadays, among whom there are 3 senior engineers equivalent to “professor” title in addition to 4 masters and 11 bachelors.
    The lead-acid battery profound restoration technology and products of the Company have been rated as scientific and technical innovative item by Ministry of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Province, and Suzhou City, having been awarded with many national inventive patents and tested and recognized by the related national authorities, thereby enjoying world-class renown. 
     For the past 6 years, the Company has successfully provided services for over 50 high-end customers in telecommunication and financial industries covering a large area including Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Shanghai Municipality and Shaanxi Province, extensively acclaimed by the customers for its standardized and quality services.



1、Service Programs 
①Attery restoration service:Users gather the useless batteries at a designated place, and the personnel of our Company will go there and conduct repair and restoration, with the successfully repaired and restored batteries labeled and packed before check and acceptance by the customer, and the unrecoverable batteries labeled permanently and sorted before delivery to customer.                      

②Battery test service: Entrusted by customers, our company is able to test the performance of the sample battery provided by the customers in accordance with YD/T 799-2010 “Valve Regulated Lead-acid Battery (VRLA) for communication application” and provide objective test report thereof. 

③Taking part in clients battery maintenance, administrative technology and regulations seminars.                                      

④Launch research project in cooperation with the clients about battery applications and maintenance.                                     

⑤Providing battery renting service . 

2、Ze Yuan Restoration Technology and Products 
           Our Company applies a unique “Three-in-One” method combining “chemical reagents + restoring equipment + repairing process”, which realizes the all-round cubic restoration on the useless lead-acid battery.

1-3.jpg①Vitriolization -removing agent (with the national invention patent No.: ZL200710024065.X): it can soften and catalyze the PbSO4 crystal and accelerate the ionization and hydrolysis, fully release and activate the original material and restore the electrochemical reactions. The “heterogeneity” in the active ion state remaining in the battery at last shall be less than 1%. This method can solve the problem of vitriolized lead-acid battery effectively, thus reducing the internal resistance and restore capacity.
②Pole plate enhancer (national invention patent number: 201110056852.9):through creating an electrochemical environment within battery which is close to a battery environment, with the help of electricity-charging process, this enhancer is able to strengthen the softening active substance of the positive plate, thereby strengthening the pole plate, extending battery life.1-4.jpg


 ③ “Ze Yuan” Repair equipment: it can produce high-frequency pulse which is suited to the battery features, and it further strengthens the reaction of the PbSO4 crystal, producing certain physical mechanical effect at the same time to enlarge the contact area between the PbSO4 crystal and the repair agent so as to quicken the reaction speed.
④“Ze Yuan” Repair process: special restoration process is set up based on the characteristics of different batteries as per the features of “Ze Yuan” restoration products. The best effect of effectively eliminating vitriolization while avoiding damage to the battery is achieved through the reasonable control over the factors such as electric current, voltage, time, temperature and electrolyte proportion during the restoration process.

3、The Significance of Battery Restoration

1-7.jpg Lead-acid battery has found wide applications nowadays, but its actual service life only accounts for 20—50% of its designed life. In China, the battery capacity discarded in advance every year is estimated to be over 10 million kw·h every year, which has seriously polluted soil and water on one hand, because a 500AH.2V lead-acid battery may devalue permanently one square meter of soil and can also pollute 600 tons of water (equivalent to the amount of drinking water for the entire lifetime of a person), on the other hand, which will result in economic losses worth several billion dollars.
85% of the discarded lead-acid batteries have far fallen short of their expected life, and their internal physical structure has not been damaged and can be repaired and restored by hi-tech means. 
-400 group communication battery) lead-acid batteries :
①reducing emission:The reduced pollution is equal to the pollution on water and soil from more than 70 tons of lead and sulfuric acid, 5 tons of plastics and several metals such as antimony
②energy conservation:Can save the energy to be consumed for the manufacture of battery and smelting of the regenerated leads as high as about  ton standard coal 
③money-saving:Can save nearly 10 million RMB for the purchase of new batteries

、Battery Restoration Industry Technology Exploration 

            ①several common repair methods for the restoration of backward batteries in communication industries at present:

restoration methods

brief induction


online maintenance

connect a small maintenance instrument in parallel with battery group, and add a pulse current when charging the battery group

effect Eliminate slight vitriolization and extend the service life of battery, can be summarized as “health care” function 
               weak pointsA. unremarkable effect of removal of sulfide;B. ineffective in the restoration of the battery failure due to dehydration; C. unable to achieve the uniformity for the entire group, with unsatisfactory result;D. excessive investment in equipment

single unit restoration

detect and identify the backward single unit and make repairs and replacement accordingly

effect Restore and replace the backward single unit, summarized as “single unit treatment” function 
               weak pointsA. on-site restoration has great potential risks in security and management;B. unable to achieve the uniformity for the entire group, with unsatisfactory result in case of entire group operation; C. Low recoverability

entire group offline repair

Entire backward battery group come off line, and put to reuse after repair and re-grouping

effect solve the problem of battery disability in a comprehensive way; Can achieve a better performance and uniformity for battery group after repairs and re-groupings, with satisfactory result in case of entire group operation; High recoverability and efficiency summarized as “all-round treatment” function 
               weak points Applicable to off-line repair for batteries in batches

In summary, the whole group off-line repair is a preferable comprehensive solution with high efficiency and safety.


②several ways for entire group offline restoration:


ways of restoration

target problems

capacity restoration

service life

negative effect

physical means

charging with large current

slight “vulcanization”



battery dehydration, with pole plate damaged

bad uniformity for entire group



slightly increase



Large current pulse repair

serious “vulcanization”



damage pole plate, increase self discharge

small current pulse repair

prevent “vulcanization”

slightly increase

short-lived entire group

none, time-consuming, difficult to achieve uniformity

chemical means

some strong drug

serious “vulcanization”

very good

very short

corrode pole plate

a Japanese drug with famous brand

old-style flooded battery



much drug residual

a famous American drug

slight “vulcanization”



much drug residual

a famous domestic drug




increase self discharge and soften pole plate

“Ze Yuan” technology


very good



 To sum up, there are many off-line restoration and renovation technologies available currently, among which, however, few technologies can achieve desirable results.